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The Maintenance Wash

From £40.00

Two - Two & Half Hours

Had your car detailed by Joe Huntley? The maintenance wash is the safest way to maintain the correct appearance of your vehicle.

Wash, Polish & Wax

From £100.00

Three - Four Hours

The maintenance wash will be followed by a thorough hand polish and completed with a protection layer of premium grade carnuaba wax.

The Protection Detail

From £200.00

One Day

The protection detail will ensure your vehicle is clean, decontaminated, fully cleansed and protected with a layer of spray coating providing up to 12 months protection.

The Enhancement Detail

From £350.00

One - One & Half Days

The enhancement detail will remove up to 60% of paintwork defects. Ideal for cars that are up to three years old. This service can be topped with a layer of ceramic coating.

The Correction Detail

From £650.00

Two & Half Days Plus

This service is designed for those looking to revive the look of the paintwork. Removing up to 90% of paintwork defects restoring a sharp, crisp reflection to your vehicles finish via a multi stage machine polishing process

Bespoke Detailing Service

From £POA

Four Days Plus

The signature service is for those with classic cars or vehicles that attend cars shows. This service will tackle every aspect of your vehicle from the engine bay to paintwork, the under side to the interior. This will be a custom package to suit your car.

Optional Extra's

Carnuaba Wax

From £30.00

Why not add an extra layer of high grade wax to your service for extra durability and gloss.

Glass Coating

Rain repellent costing applied to all exterior glass to improve water behaviour and visibility during wet weather driving.

From £50.00

Wheel Coating

From £50.00

High temperature wheel specific coating applied to your wheels. This will add intensity to the wheel finish, ensure the wheels stay cleaner for longer and make maintenance cleaning a breeze.

Paintwork Coating ( 2 Layers)

From £250.00

The ultimate paint work coating. A twin layer system. The first layer being a harder chemical and scratch resistant layer. This is then topped with a highly hydrophobic layer. The result is a super slick finish lasting upwards of two years. This will keep your car cleaner, for longer and making it a pleasure to wash going forward.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you desire any other services

*From prices represent prices on small to medium sized vehicles. Additional costs will be applied to a large or extra large vehicle. Additional cost will also be applied to extremely soiled and dirty vehicles.

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