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2020 Bentley Bentayga First Edition

This stunning low mileage example of a Bentley Bentayga First Edition finished in deep Sapphire Black visited me for paint correction and ceramic coating after the owner had seen how I transformed his friends brand new Bentayga. 

Originally when I visited the owner, he said the paint was in great condition but trusted my opinion as to what treatment this car needed before the application of a durable ceramic coating. Following an intensive wash process, where every square inch of the car was safely and intricately washed and chemically decontaminated I had access to "naked paint". Naked paint is when the paint is in its cleanest, rawest form where a detailer can fully assess the extent of the work that needs to be completed. Here I could see the Black paintwork was crying out for a full paint correction. However, what was interesting about this detail was the heavy scratching and abrasions on the sharp edges of panels. 

Once the paint had been corrected and polished, I then protected it with a durable ceramic coating. The first layer was a tough base coating with the second offering a slick water and dirt repellent layer. In addition, the glass and wheels were protected with the respective ceramic coatings making future care for this stunning vehicle a breeze. 

I'm sure you will agree, the finished car is how every Bentley should look before hitting the road.

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