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I'm Joe Huntley -  an automotive detailer.

Based in the South East of England and with over fifteen years of experience, I've had the pleasure of working on some of the world’s best vehicles.

I have detailed a wide range of vehicles; from deep cleaning dirty interiors that have seen better days, completing new car details for people that didn't want the dealers to touch their vehicles, right through to detailing rare and prestigious hyper-cars tucked away in secret garages across the country. I just enjoy what I do and aim for you to enjoy my work as much as I do.

Having worked in and along side many detail shops and chemical manufacturers over the years and adapting to the new tools and technologies that come to market, I have perfected my processes down to a fine art. For you, this means your vehicle will be treated with tried and tested chemicals, tools and processes to achieve the best result possible. I am always aiming for the next level.

"Washing a car isn't detailing .
Machine polishing isn't detailing.
Applying ceramic coating isn't detailing.


Anyone can wash, machine polish or ceramic coat a car, I'm more than happy to prove this point. Detailing is chasing perfection and noticing the small one and two percent touches that can really transform the appearance of a vehicle.

This is what I specialise in - Detailing."

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