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1994 Jaguar XJ220 

1994 Jaguar XJ220 Finished in Silverstone Green over Sand leather interior. Originally owned by a lottery winner, this beautiful example of what was once the fastest car in the world recently found its way into one of my customers' collections. One of just 275 made, the XJ220 was originally designed with a massive V12, set to be offered to buyers at £300,000. Due to many changes it was later fitted with a much smaller forced induction V6 costing £475,000 new. Despite being purchased from the Jaguar Land Rover collection of cars, it was clear this classic had been lacking the attention it deserves for some time. My task? ..Bring it back to its former glory.

Beginning with a safe wash to the outside, I could already see some areas that needed attention on the paintwork. For example; signs of heavy sanding defects which are often known as pig tails and heavy swirling. The heavy swirling is very common on cars that have been in collections as they don't get washed as much as they should and just dry wiped. Following an intensive inspection with many different types and colours of lights and a paint depth gauge I learnt a lot. It was clear this supercar had seen a little bit of paint in its time and thats why we had sanding marks.

With a wealth of knowledge on the cars history now unlocked by washing and inspecting, I started polishing the paintwork. The first stage of paint correction on the Silverstone Green was cutting/compounding the paint. This removed the heavy swirling and sanding defects. However, due to how heavy the cutting stage was, this inflicted its own form of marring. This was easily polished out with the use of a fine jeweling polish revealing the paintworks deep lustre, a treatment this car truly deserved. Of course, the paint now needed protecting and for this detail I had something special up my sleeve. Reserved for only my finest of vehicles, a high grade, pure T1 carnauba wax costing over £500 for just 200ml. This wax locked in all of the hard work and left the paint looking dripping wet.

Of course this car needed more than just paint correction. The whole engine bay including the gearbox housing and underside of the V6 engine was steam cleaned to bring it back to the standard you would expect of such an iconic super car. With the engine bay done, every square inch of the leather interior was cleaned to remove oils restoring the subtle matte finish this sand leather interior deserved. 

Throughout this detail I really fell in love with this car. I appreciate it should have a V12 in it, but taking it for what it is, this is one serious car and now looks like a super car again.

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