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2023 Porsche GT4 RS Weissach

Raved about by motoring journalists around the world, the Porsche GT4 RS Weissach is the Porsche everyone has been waiting for, including me! Fortunately, a good long term customer of mine was allocated a build slot speccing the car in Carrera White, carbon fibre everywhere, and of course, that all important Weissach package.

First stop for this new Porsche GT4 RS was my friends at Meraki Motorworks for some paint protection film (PPF). The team there applied full front-end coverage to ensure no nasty stone chips were to ruin the paintwork. Following this treatment, it was my turn to detail this stunning car. Being a new car, it didn't need heavy and intensive paint correction, but from factory it did come with some defects. This could be from the factory or from the dealership and their pre-delivery inspection (PDI).

Following a deep clean to all exterior surfaces and a safe contact wash and decontamination, the paintwork was enhanced with a  light machine polish to remove scratches and marring. This single stage polishing process really added deep reflections to the Carrera White body and made the carbon fibre pop and contrast against the White paint.

Once the paintwork had been perfected and the car truly looked "brand-new" it was time to lock in the shine. This time the customer had selected a synthetic paint sealant. As a car that is only driven now and again a synthetic paint sealant will protect the paintwork and PPF for up to twelve months. Finally, the wheels and glass were protected with their respective sealants to.

Take a look at the images below and I'm sure you'll agree when i say i would love to take this German pocket rocket for a sunny Sunday morning blast.

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