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Joe Huntley -  an automotive detailer.

It all began with cleaning used vans as a part time job. Now 15+ years of hard work later, I have the privilege of caring for some of the UK's most expensive car collections and have detailed some of the worlds rarest hyper cars. Sharing my knowledge through online videos and guides feels like a natural progression; helping others learn the amazing world that is, car detailing.

Learn Detailing The Joe Huntley Way

Detailing Guides

Here's what I do.

An insight in to the cars that I have detailed in the past and a brief description as to the treatment they received.

As much as I love detailing cars, I also love making videos on the processes and products that interest me.

Here I have created an online guide that shows you the exact way to detail a car, the Joe Huntley way.

Do you have an interesting opportunity that would bring both of our brands together?


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Joe Huntley on YouTube

The Portfolio.

The Portfolio is home to my past work, a place where I can show you the cars I have detailed and also the treatments they received. There is a wide variety of vehicles, from the super SUV's through to some of the rarest classic cars known to the car community - there is a post here for everyone!

Bentley Bentayga

Sapphire Black First Edition

Porsche GT4 RS

Carrera White Weissach

Ferrari 365

Rosso Corsa pop-up lights

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